Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Look for Weekend Post of My Comments on Draft Metro 2035 Transportation Plan Update.

Metro's 2035 Transportation Plan is open for public comments until midnight Thursday May 6th. (Metro curiously has scheduled a public hearing for 5 PM the same day [before the deadline], so I would plan on getting your comments to Metro BEFORE May 6th).

Web page for Plan is HERE; actual 400+ page Transportation Plan is HERE.

So why do you/ I care?
  1. Because Metro will adopt the Transportation Plan in June, well before it adopts the Urban Growth Plan (scheduled in December).
  2. Because the combined housing and affordability index should be identical in both the Transportation and Urban Growth plans because (doh) the index includes both housing and transportation.

My comments, which I plan to post sometime this weekend, will point out significant problems with the housing related definitions and outcomes identified in the Transportation Plan.

Comments will be in MS Word format, allowing easy copy/paste editing for inclusion in YOUR comments. Whether you include or reference my comments is your choice, but I DO encourage you to take this opportunity to comment.[ I am running down with Metro how to make comments beyond the simple web form they have provided--look in my weekend post for more details].

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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