Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Map of Portland FY 2010 Small Area FMR's; Comparisons to Current FMR's Shown; Problem Detected.

I have created a Google Map HERE, which shows by Portland Metro zip code what the variation in small area FY2010 Fair Market rents would be under the HUD Small Area FMR Demonstration. (All examples I show focus on 2 BR Fair Market Rents).

For each zip code I also compare the zip code FMR to the current FY 2010 FMR of $839 and to the lowest Portland small area FMR of $700. (Click on a map indicator and you will see these comparisons; note also that below the map there is a table showing this data for ALL Portland Metro zip codes).

(If you prefer a Google Earth version of this map you can download file HERE and then open with Google Earth).

Two observations:
  1. The highest small area FMR of $1,050 for Zip 97034 in Lake Oswego would be 50% higher then the lowest small area FMR rent of $700. 
  2. The lowest small area FMR of $700 in Zip 97205, would be 17% below the current FMR of $839. This is CLEARLY WRONG as this zip code extends to MUCH of the higher rent downtown Portland area; such an obvious error argues for a CLOSE examination of the results for other zip codes, and the need for administrative flexibility by PHA's.
Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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