Monday, May 17, 2010

April Oregon Loan Modification Data: Permanent Loan Modfication Inventory Increased by 28% Over March, Up 290% Since Jan. 1st.

I have constructed a new set of tables HERE that show HAMP loan modification data for the US , Oregon, and Oregon MSA's. (Similar prior post last month is HERE).

Some observations:
  1. Current Inventories of Permanent Loan Modifications. As of the end of April there was an inventory of 3,419 permanent loan modifications in Oregon.
  2. Year to Date Increase in Permanent Modifications: Oregon permanent loan modification inventories increased by 2,544, or 291% from January 1 through April 30th. Among MSA's, Portland had the largest numerical increase with 1,719, while Salem and Bend were virtually tied with increases of 248, and 247 permanent loan modifications respectively.
  3. April Permanent Modifications Up 28% from Prior Month During April the inventory of permanent loan modifications increased by 741, or 28% (from 2,678 at end of March to 3,419 at the end of April). All Oregon MSA's had increases of 20% or more compared to March.
  4. Trial loan modification inventories continued to decline throughout the state; the end of April trial modification inventory count was 7,097 loans, down 20% from the January 1st trial modification inventory count of 8,888.
The complete national HAMP report for April can be found HERE.
The MSA national HAMP report for April can be found HERE.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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