Saturday, May 22, 2010

Update: 3 Oregon Legislature Hardest Hit Information Sessions Next Week.

Update: Emergency Board has posted background materials and recommendations on Agency requests. Link HERE is to page (PDF page 71) that contains OHCS Hardest Hit report and Emergency Board staff recommendation that the report be accepted.

I have extracted from the agendas of Oregon Interim Legislative Committees the  dates and locations of OHCS presentations on the Hardest Hit program during the week of May 23rd.

In chronological order (as of Saturday morning) I see 3 sessions starting on Tuesday morning (May 25th):

1. Tuesday, May 25th , AM
JOINT: Emergency Board Subcommittee on Human Services, 
Time: 8 AM.
Room: HR F.
(Requests to the Emergency Board from all agencies are listed on the Excel spreadsheet HERE; The Hardest Hit information session is shown, but the dollars are not included in the totals; including Hardest Hit dollars would nearly triple the total amount of federal funds shown on the spreadsheet).

2. Tuesday , May 25th, PM ( I previously posted about this session)
SENATE: Consumer Protection and Government Affairs Committee
Time:  1:00 P.M.
Room: HR B.

3. Wednesday, May 26th, PM 
HOUSE Consumer Protection and Government Accountability Committee
Time:  1:00 P.M.
Room: HR E.

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