Friday, May 28, 2010

Test Map: Metro H+T Index Map/Data for Metro Portland, Multnomah County, City of Portland. (and you can select your fav block group).

As a trial I am embedding below a H+T Index map for the Portland Metro area that shows cost burdens for renter households.  Data shows that 41.2% of renter households in Metro area spent more than 45% of income for housing and transportation, vs 37.4% in City of Portland, and 43.5% in Multnomah County (Click within map in City of Portland and pop up will show with these numbers)

IMPORTANT NOTE :These %'s are of Median Household in Region [$47,077]; if focused on lower income renters the % of cost burdened households would be significantly HIGHER; my prior post HERE shows results at 80% of median household income [$37,662].

(Data sources for H+T index are explained in detail HERE, and HERE is a direct link in case the embed doesn't work). 

Also HERE is the H+T index PDF profile for the Portland Metro area.

H+T Affordability Index: Portland--Vancouver, OR--WA: Comparing Housing Costs, % Income for Renters to Housing + Transportation Costs, % Income for Renters

The Housing + Transportation Affordability Index is an innovative tool that measures the true affordability of housing based on its location.

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Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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