Thursday, July 8, 2010

HUD Releasing MORE Data Sources for Regional Sustainable Communities Planning Grant.

HUD is sure taking a long time to release data sources to be used to complete the rating form required for the Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant NOFA. 

The data page for the rating form can be found HERE; check often as this page is supposed to be updated in the future--some new items were added as recently as this morning.  

Some Factors Will Require Use of "Locally Collected" Data Source:
One example: Data for "Factor 5.1 Availability of Subsidized Housing within 2 Miles of the Region’s 5 Largest Employment Centers" is to be "locally collected". [I have suggested way of doing that, if anyone is interested].

NO HUD Webcast Currently Scheduled
It sure seems like additional guidance on completing the form will be required, however I have yet to see a webcast scheduled for this NOFA, you can check HUD webcast schedules HERE

The main HUD web page for this NOFA is HERE

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