Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Metro Transporation Policy Group Agenda Includes TIGER II Grant Application Endorsements.

TPAC meeting is on Friday July 30th.

Agenda package HERE includes recommended endorsement of 6 TIGER II grant applications (see pages 13-19 for details--I failed to see ANY housing related activity in the endorsement letters): 
  1. Sunrise Corridor – Hwy 212: Hwy 224 to 162nd Ave., Sunrise Corridor Multiuse Path: Lawnfield to Hwy 212 and I-205 Multiuse Path to Hwy 212
  2. Electric Vehicle Corridor Connectivity
  3. NW Graham Road Reconstruction and NW Swigert Way Extension
  4. I-5 Corridor Transit
  5. Sellwood Bridge Replacement
  6. Southeast Corridor Project: Connecting Communities
Agenda includes HUD sustainability grant Coop Agreement that is also on the July 28th MPAC agenda.  (see prior post HERE).

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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