Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New GAO Report on Rural Homelessness.

New 59 page report is HERE.  

I have pasted below the tables and figures from the report, along with hard copy (not PDF) page numbers:

Number Description Page
Table 1  Typology of Definitions of “Homelessness” among Federal Agencies with Targeted Homeless Assistance Programs, as of July 2010  5
Table 2  Rural Funding within HUD’s CoC Programs, Based on Grant Applicant Reporting as Rural or Not  21
Table 3  Urban and Rural Fiscal Year Funding for VA’s Capital Grant Awards for the Grant and Per Diem Program Based on Grant Applicant Reporting as Rural or Not  22
Table 4  Possible Needs of the Homeless Population and Potential Corresponding Barriers in Rural Areas  27
Table 5  Examples of Supportive Services That Federal Agencies, Excluding HUD, Can Provide to Persons Experiencing Homelessness  34
Figure 1  Federal Programs That May Benefit Persons Experiencing Homelessness in Rural Areas  15
Figure 2  Percent of Total Federal Funding Targeting Homelessness by Agency for Fiscal Year 2009 20
Figure 3  HUD's CoC Housing and Supportive Services Distribution  36

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