Sunday, July 11, 2010

Regional Planning Grant Data, Select Portland Metro Areas: Only the City of Portland is BELOW the National Housing Transportation Affordability Target.

In the HUD Regional Planning Grant NOFA, Factor 1.2 measures the "Portion of Regional Population Paying More than 45% of Income to Combined Housing and Transportation Costs".

Using the H+T index that is used to establish values for this factor I have pasted below a table showing the Housing AND Housing +Transportation values for select areas in the Portland Metro area. (I also added a column to the right, which is the Transportation value when the Housing value is subtracted from the H+T value).

  1. EXCEPT for the City of Portland, ALL of these select areas have values that EXCEED the national affordability standard of 45% of income.
  2. Within these select areas, Lake Oswego is the LEAST affordable, with average H+T costs of 62% of income.
  3. Among the three counties, Clackamas is the least affordable, with an average H+T index value of 55.8%.

Area Housing  H +T T?
Portland--Vancouver, OR--WA 28.6% 50.1% 21.5%
Beaverton 27.6% 47.9% 20.3%
Clackamas County 32.7% 55.8% 23.1%
Gresham 25.1% 46.4% 21.3%
Hillsboro 27.0% 48.2% 21.2%
Lake Oswego 40.6% 62.0% 21.4%
Multnomah County 26.0% 45.6% 19.6%
Portland 25.4% 44.4% 19.0%
Washington County 29.7% 51.2% 21.5%

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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