Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oregon Housing Blog Releases Complete/Enhanced CY 2009 Oregon HMDA Data, Two Days After National Release.

The FFIEC released national HMDA data on Monday, Sept 20. Their PR is HERE.

While it usually takes many months for Oregon HMDA analysis to begin to appear, and that analysis is often fragmented, I hope to help others get a jump start by providing a COMPLETE set of CY 2009 Oregon HMDA data in one Excel workbook just two days after the national HMDA data release.

  • The workbook that I created has data on more than 300,000 Oregon HMDA loan applications, and 205,000 loans made or purchased during CY 2009. 
  • For 18 HMDA data fields I added columns to the right of the HMDA downloaded data that show understandable NAMES for what would otherwise be 5.4+million codes. 
  • I include documentation showing the process that I used, so that others can replicate and confirm accuracy of the data.
  • I created separate worksheets, AND pivot tables, for (A). Applications (B). Loans originated or purchased. Pivot tables will allow users to slice/dice data in an infinite number of ways to meet their needs. 
Three important caveats:
  1. Look at the READ ME worksheet when you first open the workbook. 
  2. No warranty about accuracy or completeness of data is expressed or implied.
  3. File is HUGE, 188 MB's, and to work with data you will need a PC with substantial processing power, both CPU and memory. IT may take 20 minutes or more to download from my web space, so grab a cup of coffee and be patient; time could be even longer if someone else is also downloading file. Before you open file on your PC, I suggest you close ALL other applications.

You can download the 2009 Oregon Housing Blog HMDA Workbook HERE. (NOTE: This workbook was created in Excel 2007 format.Some users report when they save Excel 2007 files they end up with a compressed .zip file extension. My suggestion is to RIGHT CLICK and save the file to your PC. Then navigate to the file you downloaded and look at its file extension. IF it appears as .ZIP extension, change the .ZIP extension to Excel 2007 extension (.xlsx), and THEN open the file with Excel 2007/2010. 

IF you use this data, I would very much appreciate you letting me know how you have used it, and sharing of links to the data analysis that you have completed. You can email me at 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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