Monday, May 30, 2011

Chicago Public Housing Authority to Require Drug Testing for All Applications and Reexaminations in CHA Owned Properties.

The Chicago PHA has proposed changes in their Moving to Work Occupancy standards that would require drug testings for all adults at admission and reexaminations; it appears to me that the policy applies only to CHA owned projects, and not to Section 8 voucher holders in non CHA properties. 

Comments on the policy are due NLT June 16th. It seems likely that there will be vocal and legal challenges to the proposed policy, beginning with a public hearing on Thursday June 2nd. 

HUD will eventually have to approve the occupancy plan changes, which CHA says will be included in an amendment to their annual Moving to Work plan submitted to HUD. (Current CHA MTW plan HERE does NOT include the word "drug" it it).

Highlighted changes to the current occupancy policies can be found in the draft document HERE, with drug testing provisions found on PDF page 65. 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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