Monday, May 30, 2011

Oregon Drops 3 Ranks in Home Ownership Rates to 46th; Was One of Only 12 States to Add More Rental HH's than Homeowner HH's.

I have prepared a new 4 page legal sized PDF table file HERE that includes state level rental and home ownership household counts and changes, as well as home ownership rate changes, for 2000-2010.

Some observations: (50 States + District of Columbia and Puerto Rico).
  1. Oregon was only 1 of 12 states where the increase in the number of rental households exceeded the increase in the number of home owner households. 
  2. In Oregon rental households grew at a rate DOUBLE the rate of increase in home owner households (20.5% vs. 10.2%). [Nationally, renter households also grew at a higher rate than home owner households (14.2% vs 8.8%)]
  3.  For these 52 areas, the overall home ownership rate decline was 1.6%; Oregon's home ownership rate decline was 3.2%, twice as much as the national decline. Only 8 states had a HIGHER rate of home ownership rate decline than Oregon from 2000-2010 [South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, Mississippi, Arkansas, Idaho, and Nevada].
  4. Oregon's home ownership rate ranking dropped from 43rd to 46th, meaning that in 2010 only 5 states +DC had LOWER home ownership rates [Rhode Island, Nevada, Hawaii, California, New York, and the District of Columbia].
Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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