Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2000-2010: 24 Portland Metro Council Cities: (1) HO Rate Decline Less than Statewide (2) City of Portland Captured Nearly Half of Renter HH Increase.

I have prepared a new legal size formatted table and graph HERE that shows the change in the number of home owner and renter households and the change in home ownership rates and ranks from 2000-2010 for 24 Oregon cities within the Portland Metro Council jurisdiction. (Table doesn't include 25th Portland metro city, Damascus [3,621 occupied 2010 housing units/91% home ownership rate] because it wasn't a city in 2000). 

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Observations About 2000-2010 Changes in These 24 cities:
  1. The overall 2010 home ownership rate of 56% was less than the statewide average of 62.2%.
  2. The decline in home ownership rate was 1.8%, less than the 3.2% statewide reduction. 
  3. 11 of the cities added more renter households than home owner households; overall there were slightly more (671) renter households added than homeowner households.
  4. Overall, the City of Portland captured 38% of the increase in households in these 24 cities. 
  5. However, the City of Portland accounted for 49% of renter households added (16,074/32,797) but only 27% of the home owner households added (8,725/32,126).
  6. Wilsonville had the lowest 2010 home ownership rate (46.2%) and Johnson City the highest (94%). The only other Portland Metro Council city with a 2010 home ownership rate less than 50% was Beaverton with a 49.7% home ownership rate.
  7. The biggest % decline in home ownership rate from 2000-2010 was a 14.2% decline in Wilsonville, while the biggest increase was 6.6% in Oregon City.
  8. Gresham had a lower 2010 home ownership rate than the City of Portland (54.9% vs. 55.8%) and it's home ownership rate decline was also worse than Portland's ( -4.3% vs -3.7%).  
  9. 12 Portland metro cities had home ownership rates higher than the statewide average of 62.2%.
Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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