Friday, July 22, 2011

Bloomberg Has HUD Section 8 Contract Bid Story: HUD Says $100 Million Saved, OHCS Says Up to 24 Positions Could be Lost.

Bloomberg Government has picked up on the HUD Section 8 Contract Administration bid story and published a story which unfortunately requires a subscription to view.  

I was contacted by the reporter and provided background and data for the story, so it is disappointing that I cannot yet provide you with a link. I am told it will be available on Bloomberg News on Monday and if I find, I will post that direct link to the story, and I encourage you to read the entire story.  

As a courtesy, the reporter sent me the story and I will summarize some of the reporting from public agencies and officials:

    New York Housing Trust Fund officials indicated that they had a higher technical rating than the winning bidder but lost because HUD failed to reveal importance of price. My Comment: That is same argument raised by OHCS. 
    OHCS says it may need to lay off up to 24 employees.
    Carol Galante, the DAS for MF, and now the Acting FHA Commissioner, said in an interview that HUD will save 30% of costs, or nearly $100 million. She indicated that the average successful bid fee was 1.7%
       One additional comment: While the first version of the story indicates 22 bid protests which was accurate at time story was originally written, the count is now 33 GAO bid protests. My count is that currently more than 10,000 unduplicated projects and 740,00 units are under protest in 25 different states.

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