Monday, July 4, 2011

Updated: Idaho Clear Winner in Contract Administration Competition; WA State PHA Not So Much After Losing WA to WI.

In looking at the contractor selected for California [Los Angeles LOMOD Corporation], their website HERE indicates they are partner with Bremerton PHA's Contract Management Services.(CMS).

Since LOMOD now will have contract for ALL of California, it is possible that LOMOD and CMS partnership actually INCREASED units , rather than decreased units as post below indicates. I have elected NOT to change the post below hoping that HUD will get around to announcing contract winners and providing counts of projects and units for each state. (California Sec of State doesn't keep corp docs on site so no easy way to check on the details of the Partnership in the Articles of Incorporation).


The Section 8 contract administration so far has resulted in some clear winners and losers. 

While Oregon and OHCS is an apparent big loser in the NW to date, it still might be possible for them or some other Oregon entity to play a role as a subcontractor for the new Washington based contractor for Oregon, a division of the Bremerton public housing authority, Contract Management Services

Big NW Winner: Idaho HFA to Administer 22,550 Units in 4 States. 
Within Idaho I estimate there are (only) 125 projects, 3,992 units. However, IHFA won contracts to cover an estimated 508 projects, with 22,550 units in 4 states: Idaho, Utah, Arizona, and Hawaii. This means that IHFA will administer 5.65 times the number of estimated project based Section8 units within their state.

Bremerton WA PHA to Administer 20,358 Units in 3 States, But this May be a REDUCTION of 54,815 units.
The Bremerton WA PHA division (Contract Management Services) picked up contract administration for Alaska, Nebraska and Oregon for an estimated total of 615 projects and 20,358 units. However they lost the contract to administer Washington state to the Wisconsin HFA, losing 439 projects and 18,832 units and they also will not be administering contracts in Hawaii or Southern California.  

A May 2011 Washington state audit (see prior blog post HERE) had estimated that the PHA administered 75,173 Section 8 units in multiple states, and if this was accurate the 20,358 units under the new contract would mean a LOSS of 54,815 units. (some of these units were subcontracted to local agencies, so this likely is not a true one for one reduction).

To see this data for yourself, you will find it within the tables I previously posted in post HERE

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  1. Received email from Bremerton XO Kurt Weist:

    I would like to confirm that Bremerton Housing Authority is a partner with LA LOMOD for administration of the PBCA contract for all of California. We are excited about the opportunity to be the PBCA for Oregon, Alaska, and Nebraska as well.