Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Most HUD Section 8 Admin Contracts to be Rebid.

Bloomberg Government (subscription) has story, hats off to them for being only national media to cover the story up to now.  

OPB's Capital Currents story by Chris Lehman has Oregon angle HERE.

My understanding is that contract awards will go forward in states where there was only one bidder, extensions of existing contracts for 6 month period will be offered to current contractors in other states, and HUD will use a NOFA to award future contracts.  [Implications on using NOFA process for protests not clear to me]. 

6 month extension would take OHCS and other states through March 2012. 

Would look for some kind of official document from HUD at some point, but then again I and others have been waiting for any official documents or statements for some time.....

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  1. Didn't know if you were aware. HUD issued 6 month contract extensions to the PBCAs with reduced IBPS tasks...NO more MORs conducted.