Wednesday, August 10, 2011

City of Portland Tenure Changes, 1990-2010; Some Minority Progress BUT African American Home Owner Declines Significant.

I have prepared a comprehensive new table HERE that provide a comparison of City of Portland tenure information for 1990, 2000, and newly released 2010 data.

The table includes breakouts for 1990, 2000, and 2010 of:
  • Owner Occupied Households.
  • All Households
  • Rental Households
  • Home Ownership Rates
  • Home Ownership Gaps
  • Share of Total Households
These household breakouts are further detailed for 
  • White non Hispanics
  • African Americans
  • Asian + Pacific Islanders
  • Alaska Natives and American Indians
  • Hispanics
  • All Minorities
In addition to numerical counts for 1990,2000, and 2010, in columns to the right the table shows numerical and % changes for 1990-2000, for 2000-2010, and for 1990-2010. 
Yellow highlighted cells in these columns show % declines or, for minority home ownership gaps, % increases.

For now I have labelled the report as DRAFT in hopes other eyes will confirm the accuracy of the data presented and/or point out any errors. 

My Initial Observations: (I encourage you to add your comments/observations to the bottom of this post). 

Home ownership Rates and Gaps
  1. In last decade home ownership rates declined for all groups except Asian+ Pac Islanders. (Rates actually declined for Pac Islander share of that grouping). 
  2. Over 20 year period only ONE group saw a decline in HO Rates--African Americans whose rate declined from 37.6% in 1990 to 32.4% in 2010, a 20 year decline of 14%. 
  3. In last decade there was a loss of 482 African American home owner households vs. an increase of 583 in the preceding decade. 
  4. Because there was a statewide net increase of 813 African American home owner HH's in the last decade, this means that during that decade there was an increase of 1,295 African American home owner HH's OUTSIDE of the City of Portland.
  5. The 2010 HO rate for Asian+ Pac Islanders is higher than the white non Hispanic HO Rate (58.2% vs. 57%).
  6. Over last decade the gap between African American and white non Hispanic HO rates increased by 39% while the gap for Asian+Pac Islanders declined by 130%, and by 29% for Hispanic. ["Gap" is the % by which minority group HO rate has to increase to reach white, non Hispanic HO rate].
  7. The 76% gap between between African American and white non Hispanic HO rates in 2010 was 63% higher than the 47% gap in 1990.
  8. In last decade, minority home owner households grew at a rate 7 times the growth rate for white, non Hispanic home owner growth, 28% vs. 4%.
Renter and All Household Demographics
  1. Minority renter HH's grew by 28% during the last decade vs 13% growth for white non Hispanic renter HH's. 
  2. Minority households made up 18% of all households in 2010 vs 13% in 1990.
  3. Over 20 years from 1990-2010 there was a net increase of 2,211 African American households. Only 101 [4.6%] of those were home owner households, with the remainder [2,110/95.4%] being renter households.
  4. In last decade Hispanic HH's accounted for 56% of all minority HH growth ( 5,550 /9,949) and 22% of all HH growth (5,550/24,809).
Data sources:   
(While at HUD, I contributed as a member on an advisory committee to this report).

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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