Wednesday, August 17, 2011

State of America's Children Report Out, Includes Some Oregon Data.

Report is HERE

Lots of data, encourage browsing entire report. Some Oregon examples below. (Oregon 2009 population data found on various tables, including PDF pages 28-33, pg 46-47, pg 49):
  • Children were 22.8% of Oregon's population, in contrast, the 65 and older population in Oregon numbered 517,000 or 13.5% of the total population. This means that the share of Oregon's population that were children is 69% larger than the elderly share of Oregon's population. (22.8%/13.5%-1=69%).
  • 164,000 Oregon children lived in poverty, 19.2% of all Oregon children.
  • Of 879,000 children in Oregon 32%, 279,000, are minority [Nationwide, minority children were 44.7% of total population].
  • Rankings by share of children in state--Oregon's highest rank (10th) was for American Indian/Alaska Native who represented 2% of Oregon's children and the next highest rank was for Hispanic children (12th) who represented 19.8% of Oregon's children.
Only housing data in report is NLIHC Out of Reach affordability data on page 78. This was BIG missed opportunity for HUD to highlight number of children served by HUD assisted housing. 

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