Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Update: Section 8 Contract Administration Bid Protests; 84% of Units Under Protest.

GAO has updated their HUD open docket bid protest website this morning, showing a total of 48 open bid protests for the HUD Section 8 contract administration solicitation, in 30 different states. 

My NON duplicated count indicates that for ALL projects/units in ALL states, 78% [12,224] of 15,601 estimated projects and 84% [888,968] of 1,063,671 estimated units are under protest.

State HFA's Account For 12 of the 30 States Under Protest
19 of the 48 pending bid protests have been filed by state HFA's; after eliminating amended protests these account for 12 of the 30 states under protest. In addition, of the total of 28 bid awards TO state HFA's, my count is that 20 are under protest.

I have assembled a comprehensive 4 page HUD Bid Protest table HERE that lists for those 30 states only (in alpha order):
  1. The current successful bidder and their state location,
  2. The contractor(s) who are protesting the award and their state location(s).
  3. A count of units and projects for each state. [Note that counts are repeated if there are more than one protest in a state].
  4. The GAO file number for each protest.(Multiple protests in a state are indicated by a number greater than 1 to the right of the decimal of the file number, and I have sorted list in numerical order within state).
  5. A field indicating the last to first chronological order of the GAO bid protest.
  6. A field indicating whether the successful bidder is a state HFA. 
  7. A field indicating whether the protesting bidder is a state HFA. 
  8. A header that shows the non duplicated count of project and units under protest. 
This was a complex effort to put together; if you discover any errors in the post or the table please DO let me know.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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