Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Study: Income Patterns Do Not Explain Metro Segregation Patterns; Limited Portland Data.

WaPo story is HERE

Report is HERE. Note that study focuses on segregation at Metro level and only includes metro areas with largest minority population. This means data for Portland metro for Blacks is missing, Hispanic data is included. 

The exposure of affluent Hispanics to poverty compared to all non Hispanic whites is shown as 1.02 for both Portland and Seattle. This would be the 10th BEST ranking of the 50 metro areas, but still means that, as a group, affluent Hispanics were more likely to be exposed to poverty than were ALL non Hispanic whites. [Affluent appears to have been defined as $75,000+ in household income].

Portland ranks even better when comparing all Hispanic to all non Hispanic white exposure to poverty. For this metric the ratio for the Portland metro area is 1.17 to 1, the 5th AMONG among the 50 metro areas (Seattle is ranked 10th at 1.23 to 1 ). Even with the high ranking this still means that Hispanics had a higher likelihood of being exposed to poverty than did non Hispanic whites. 

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