Monday, August 1, 2011

HUD Seeking Comments on Rental Alignment Draft Documents for Administrative (Not Legislative) Action.

From web page HERE, deadline for email comments on several different alignment draft reports is NLT August 26, 2011.

These reports detail rental policy alignment activities proposed to be pursued through administrative action [emphasis added]. These policy proposals are preliminary drafts have not yet been recommended for implementation.

The Rental Policy Working Group is seeking stakeholder comment on the alignment reports – please send comments to by August 26, 2011.

    Physical Inspections
    Income Reporting and Definitions
    Subsidy Layering Review
    Reduction in State-to-State Variability for Income Definition
    Financial Reporting
    Common Energy Efficiency Requirements
    Appraisal Primer
    Market Study Standards
    Capital Needs Assessment
    Improve Sharing of Data on Owner Defaults
    Compliance (Fair Housing MOUs)

If anyone knows on any Oregon based effort to submit joint comments on any of these drafts please email me or add a comment to this post.  [I am aware that Oregon is participating in the Physical Inspections pilot].

These efforts are part of broader HUD effort, Activities to Better Align Affordable Rental Housing Policy and Compliance at the State and Local Level. Web page for that effort is HERE.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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