Thursday, November 17, 2011

HDC Was Consultant for Only HUD Section 811 or 202 Project Application Funded this Year in Oregon.

In just announced funding, HUD has funded only one Section 811  [housing for persons with disabilities] project  application in Oregon. Washington state received a total of 4 Section 811 projects, Idaho 1, and Alaska 2 projects.

Washington state was funded for ALL 4 Section 202 elderly projects in Region 10; no other state in this 4 state region received any Section 202 elderly project funding. 

Final Section 811 and Section 202 box score: Washington state was funded for 8 projects, Alaska 2 projects, and Oregon and Idaho 1 project each.

Oregon's $2 Million Section 811 Funded Project
The ONLY Section 202 or Section 811 project funded in Oregon was a 14 unit Kehillah housing project for the adult developmentally disabled in Portland.

The Housing Development Center acted as consultant and Cedar Sinai is the sponsor of this project in SW Portland. (Full disclosure: I am on board of HDC, but all credit goes to sponsor Cedar Sinai and HDC staff including XO Robin Boyce).

Total HUD funding for this project, including 3 year rent subsidy, was $2.035 million. Total announced national funding for Section 202 and Section 811 was $749 million so Oregon received just 3 tenths of one percent of nationwide funding. (Oregon has about 1.25% of nationwide population).

Complete nationwide list of funded projects from HUD is HERE. HUD PR is HERE.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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