Wednesday, November 16, 2011

HUD Conference Committee FY 2012 Budget vs FY 2011 Enacted and President's Proposed FY 2012.

Using NLIHC budget table , I have prepared a PDF file HERE that shows my calculation of the differences between FY 2012 conference committee reported HUD budget and FY 2011 enacted and FY 2012  budget request by the President.

Biggest loser I see are CDBG and HOME programs which were cut 12% and 38% from FY 2011 levels.   Tenant based voucher did better than expected with a more than 3% increase, but admin fees were cut by nearly 7%. Project based Section 8 increased by less than 1%.

Based on my read of report it does not look like any of the changes in public housing/voucher eligibility and reduction in frequency of income verification for fixed income recipients made it into the final bill. [Difficult to cut voucher admin costs by 7% without some regulatory relief...].

Full conference committee report is HERE

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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