Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Projection: 57,000+Oregon Children Served in LIHTC, Voucher, Project Based S 8, and Public Housing Programs; Improvements Next Year Should Provide Rich Local Detail.

I recently completed a review of tenant data from a LIHTC data base provided to me by OHCS staff.  This database has a number of shortcomings that should be greatly improved next year, but for now I was able to develop a projection of children served by the LIHTC program in Oregon.  I then combined that projection with projections of children served by the HUD voucher, HUD Project Based Section 8, and public housing programs.

A simple breakout of the 57,597 projected children served by these select subsidized housing programs is in the table below; the detailed table HERE shows how data was calculated and also data sources. 

Oregon Children Served by TANF Likely Less Than Children Served by All Subsidized Rental Programs.
As a point of reference, the latest TANF reports show a total of 59,000 Oregon children served by the single parent and dual parent TANF programs. 

The 57,597 assisted rental housing child count in this projection does not include children in units funded by HOME, CDBG, or HUD Homeless funding unless they also live in a LIHTC, Project Based Section 8 or public housing unit or are receiving a HUD voucher. 

This projection also does not include counts of children in Rural Development assisted rental units unless that unit is also a LIHTC unit or receiving project based Section 8 or the family is receiving HUD voucher assistance.

If those programs were included I am confident that the count of children served by subsidized housing programs would exceed the 59,000 children served by the TANF program in Oregon. 

Improvements in Data Reporting Coming Next Year, Including Local Data
This first statewide estimate of children served by these programs is a prelude to what should be a enhanced version of tenant demographic data reporting for next year, including geographic data down to at least the county level.

OHCS staff have advised that tenant demographic reporting will begin in the new year using software that should greatly improve the completeness and accuracy of tenant data reporting. In addition to being able to drill down to geography below the state level the tenant data should allow timely reporting of elderly and disabled households served by the LIHTC program as well as providing information about tenant incomes and race and ethnicity. 

Improved reporting will allow all of us to see more clearly at the local level detailed demographics of the residents helped by assisted housing rental programs in Oregon. 

BIG thanks to OHCS Chief Information Officer Bill Carpenter and his staffer Ron Pickett for the time and effort that made it possible to produce this initial effort and for their work to expand and localize this demographic data in the coming year.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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