Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lake Oswego CY 2012 City Council Goals Do Not Include Any Affordable Housing Goals.

The Lake Oswego City Council recently met to consider goals and work plans for CY 2012.  As part of that process I met with the Mayor and shared with him a minimal set of affordable housing goals [HERE] and my suggestions were shared with members of the City Council prior to and at the Council work session on the work plan. 

I was not able to sit in on that meeting but I heard after the meeting that the City Council choose not to adopt any of my suggested affordable housing work items.  

In looking at the materials (HERE) for the City Council meeting on Feb.7th, I don't see any affordable housing items included in the Council CY 2012 goals or work plan. 

The only goals that could impact affordable housing are the planned development of Urban Renewal plans for Lake Grove and Foothills. 

I wish I could be more optimistic  but unfortunately:

1.Council has yet to act on the 2005 Affordable Housing Task Force recommendation the the LO urban renewal agency establish
  " a minimum percentage of affordable units in all developments that receive ... assistance [of the urban renewal agency]"  (I repeated this item in my suggested affordable housing work plan items)

2. The Lake Oswego Review said in a recent story that the Mayor " isn’t sure publicly supported housing belongs in Foothills..." [Note that Foothills would expand total LO rental housing stock by about 1/3rd].

All of this leads me to continue to wonder:
If not now, when?
If not in Foothills/Lake Grove UR areas, where?

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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