Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oregon FHA Loan Volume Drops by 32% in CY 2011 but Still Tops 13,000 Families, $2.3 Billion.

I recently completed an analysis that showed that the total number of FHA loans in Oregon in CY 2011 was down 32% from the records set in CY 2010.  

The decline for home purchase loans was less, at 25%. This means that the share of all FHA loans that were for home purchases increased to 61% from the 55% in CY 2011.

Even with the volume decrease there were 13,659 FHA loans insured in Oregon in CY 2011, representing a commitment of $2.369 Billion.

In addition to the drop in loan volume the average FHA insured loan amount decreased by 5.7%, from $209,412 to $197,558. 

My statewide CY 2010-CY 2011 summary and county level CY 2011 data is available in the PDF file I created HERE

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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