Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Comments on Lake Oswego Housing Summit Questions and Draft Housing Needs Analysis.

Lake Oswego is holding a community event tonight that includes a discussion of Complete Neighborhoods and Housing. The published materials for that event provide background and raise a number of questions to be discussed in small group sessions.

I have listed my comments on housing and complete neighborhoods in a two page PDF file HERE

One of my housing comments notes:
  1. That the May 2011 draft Housing Needs Analysis needs updating when Metro allocates their growth forecast of households to the city level this spring and 
  2. That the HNA also needs a number of data updates and corrections that could impact Comp Plan policies and projected housing needs. 
A link to my detailed draft HNA analysis is included in my comments; a direct link to that 4 page detailed PDF analysis document is HERE

Originally created and pasted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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