Sunday, April 15, 2012

2011 Portland Metro Affordable Housing Inventory Excel File and More.

Metro staff has previously sent me a zip file with the data that I used to prepare my recent analysis [HERE] of problems and suggestive correction actions to their 2011 Regional Inventory of Regulated Affordable Housing report [HERE].  

Kudos to Metro staff for providing that data so readily.

Excel File I Created Has Merged Data in One Worksheet
Using data from three separate data sources in the Metro zip file, I created an Excel workbook HERE. In addition to the merged data worksheet, I added a pivot table and two county level summary worksheets, as well as a worksheet that shows the complete field list for the merged data. When you open the Excel workbook take a look at the READ ME worksheet for more background on the data in the workbook.  

The graph below is from the "County Shares by Income" worksheet in the workbook, and shows that in 2011 in the 3 County Portland metro area, Multnomah County had 47% of all the housing stock, but 82% of the regulated affordable housing units available to households below 50% of median family income. 

I have recommended that Metro provide a merged Excel worksheet similar to the one I prepared to make it easier for the public to explore this important data.

MORE Data Options Including MS Access and Map Files: 
For those of you who want more and the raw data to compile your own analysis, I have also uploaded HERE, the zip file of ALL data that Metro staff sent to me. 

It contains PDF files, map files, MS Access files, and a CSV file. The MS Access file was the source of two 2011 tables that I merged with the CSV census track block FIPS ID file , and it also includes some 2007 tables and a series of queries that may be of interest to some.

Excel Downloading Tip-This workbook was created in Excel 2007/2010 format. Some users report they cannot direct view Excel files in this format from within their browser and/or that Excel files they save end up with a compressed .zip file extension.

My suggestion is to RIGHT CLICK and save the file to your PC. Then navigate to the file you downloaded and look at its file extension. IF it appears as .ZIP extension, change the .ZIP extension to an Excel 2007/2010 extension (.xlsx), and THEN open the file with Excel 2007/2010.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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