Monday, April 23, 2012

Foothills Plan Would Expand Lake Oswego Rental Housing by 25%, but Include No Affordable Family Rental Housing.

I have prepared and submitted comments for the Tuesday evening Lake Oswego City Council session that includes consideration of redevelopment alternatives for the Foothills area, sans the trolley. 

The conclusion of my comments: 
"If not Now, When?; If not Foothills, Where? "
Some key points from my detailed comments are HERE:
  1. The planned new "senior" [rentals] and "apartments" in the preferred Concept B option (1,309 units) would expand the total stock of rental housing in Lake Oswego (5,283 units) by 25%.  
  2. The options document prepared for City Council does not include any reference to "affordable housing".
  3. The share of all new residential housing in the Concept B plan coming from senior and apartment housing increases to 82% from the 70% share in the former plan (I.E. condos represent a smaller share of residential construction in the new plan).
  4. My count is that Lake Oswego has or is planning for a total of 3,257 units in their 2 Town Centers and 3 existing/planned Urban Renewal areas. There are a total of ZERO family income restricted rental housing units in those areas. 
  5. The ECONorthwest financial feasibility analysis indicates $3.8 million [Option B] to $9.4 million [Option A] in funding from Federal/State/Regional sources are necessary; it is unlikely that funding will occur without any LO commitment to affordable housing.
  6. In contrast to a statement made by a representative of the developers at the Nov 29, 2011 Council meeting on the former Foothills plan, the Oregon statewide ban on local inclusionary zoning requirements does NOT prevent Lake Oswego from adopting affordable housing targets in the Foothills plan. In fact the law provides a specific exemption when voluntary contracts are entered into by cities and developers that include affordable housing. There also is no requirement in that law that a city wide policy must be in place.
 Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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