Thursday, April 5, 2012

Metro MPAC April 11 Meeting Has Long Delayed Affordable Housing Supply Report, with Correctable Flaws.

Metro staff were kind enough to provide me with a link to the Metro MPAC materials HERE for the Wednesday April 11th MPAC meeting. 

Included in that meeting is a long delayed report on Affordable Housing supply, a requirement of the Metro Functional Plan. (Link to Metro letter suspending reporting beginning in 2007 is HERE).

Housing Authority Directors for Clackamas, Washington, and Multnomah counties are included on the MPAC agenda for that discussion, likely the first time that has EVER happened.

I have begun to look at the Metro housing supply report and can see that it has a number of flaws, that could and should be corrected.  

More about that later, but for now I just wanted to provide a heads up to readers that Metro is finally advancing the ball on this long delayed report and that PHA Directors will have opportunity to present to MPAC for the first time. 

BTW: Metro candidates housing forum is the day BEFORE this presentation, so will be interesting to see their take on the affordable housing supply report. 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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