Thursday, April 12, 2012

Results of MPAC Discussion on Affordable Housing: Meh?

I will let you judge for yourself from edited MP 3 audio recording HERE [about 46 MB and 50 minutes in length] but my take on this MPAC affordable housing discussion was that the overall response from MPAC members was: Meh

I heard very few questions that related directly to the long delayed housing supply report required by the Metro Functional Plan, and certainly none that related to the problems that I identified with that report. (It likely did not help that Portland Mayor Adams and Portland Councilwoman Fritz were absent from the meeting).

Listen for yourself, but from my notes and memory there was discussion about:
  1. Housing needs for veterans [Councilwoman Roberts],
  2. Need for mandatory local requirements [new MPAC Multnomah member Fitzpatrick] vs voluntary actions [MPAC chair Mayor Wiley from Hillsboro], 
  3. Need for subsidies beyond tax abatement to reach lowest incomes [MPAC Multnomah County member Smith], 
  4. Need to offer incentives and possibility of forming Metro affordable housing subcommittee [Lake Oswego Mayor Hoffman]. 
The discussion ended with the Chair saying he would meet with staffer Reid to discuss next actions with idea to come up with some ways of encouraging local governments to consider affordable housing needs. 

Originally created and pasted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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