Thursday, April 5, 2012

Success! FHFA Posts Annual GSE SF Data In MS Access Format for the First Time.

Sometimes at HUD and writing this blog it has felt like I "plow the ocean", doing a lot but never quite sure what progress I've made. 

Fortunately, there are a few times when the results of my work are exactly what I hoped they would be.

I am VERY pleased to report that with critical help from Senator Merkley's Senior Advisor Will White, FHFA has agreed to post, for the FIRST time, their annual single family loan level database in MS Access format. 

This is a step that can greatly increase public understanding of who benefits geographically and demographically from GSE single family lending and I think is a proverbial "Win-Win" for all involved. 

(Readers will recall that, with the help of my friend and fellow HUD Oregon Field Office Director retiree Roberta Ando, I was able to put together a MS Access database of GSE CY 2010 loans and a series of related "Picture of GSE Assisted Households, CY 2010 " reports to demonstrate the value of getting GSE SF data into a MS Access format). 

The FHFA CY 2010 GSE MS Access database (4.8+ million records) is already posted on their website
HERE (look under "Single Family Census Tract File"). 

FHFA has also committed to posting the GSE CY 2011 database in MS Access format in September of this year.  

Thanks much to Will, Senator Merkley, Roberta, and to FHFA staff for their help and responsiveness in making this important information more transparent to the public. 

Before You Download the MS Database......

My prior caveat that you have a PC capable of dealing with a LARGE database remains.  FHFA has combined both Fannie and Freddie data into a file that expands to 1.6 GB MS Access file when unzipped, so you WILL need a PC with a fast processor and LOTS of memory to work with this file. 

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