Friday, April 6, 2012

Lake Oswego Planning Commission to Provide Feedback Monday on Revised Draft Comp Plan Goals, Including Housing.

The LO Planning Commission has a Monday April 9th session at 6:30 PM that provides an opportunity for the Commission to provide feedback to proposed revisions to the Comp Plan, including housing provisions. These draft provisions had been reviewed by members of the Citizen Advisory Commission on March 21st and also incorporate some revisions suggested by a CAC member following that meeting.

The meeting packet for the Monday April 9th meeting is HERE

The staff document in the packet explains that Planning Commission comments will be taken back to the Citizen Advisory Commission meeting on April 25th, and final recommendations will then be sent back to the Planning Commission for action and a public hearing.

In looking through the revised draft I noticed some changes and some new language options to the initial draft Housing policies that reflected comments that I had provided.  

I did not however seen any timetable for revisions to the draft Housing Needs Analysis of May 26, 2011 (My prior identification of at least 14 problems with the draft HNA are in PDF file HERE that was sent to staff on Februrary 2nd). 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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