Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Update: Video+Audio: LO Foothills Framework Plan Inches Forward, No Changes to Affordable Housing Action Plan Items.

Update: I have added a smaller MP3 Audio File (88 MB's) in a new Internet Archive web page HERE. You can listen online or download this file from this web page.

Local Oregonian reporter story is HERE.

MS Word notes of my oral testimony provided to Council at meeting are HERE.

Council did not adopt any of my recommendations for changes/ additions to affordable housing Framework plan action items. My point about significant projected increases in land costs providing a potential source of private funding for affordable housing seemed to be lost on the Council, but I will continue to follow up on that issue, along with my other recommendations.

Extended 30 minute affordable housing discussion focused on costs of affordable housing, what "is" affordable housing, and consultant view that building TIF funding would take 10 years and require local political will/decision on what role LO wanted to play in providing affordable housing. (No discussion about Metro/state/federal legal obligations for doing so). Was some acknowledgement that "incremental" affordable housing actions could be taken before year 10. By far this was longest affordable housing discussion at City Council since 2005 Housing Task Force.

I created a Iphone/Apple compatible video of entire 2 hour Foothills City Council discussion and posted it on the Internet Archive HERE. My short testimony occurs at 30:30 into video and a 30 minute plus affordable housing discussion starts at 1:03:30 into video. 

Video file can be viewed online or downloaded, but if you download, note that file is VERY large at 700 MB's. (On line viewing of video takes a moment or two to start. File loaded readily using Internet Explorer or Chrome browsers but I had some difficulty in getting it to load for online viewing using Firefox or Safari).

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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