Sunday, September 23, 2012

Oregon CY 2011 GSE Data in Excel (W Gift Card Contest): GSE Loans Down 16% from CY 2011, Still Nearly $14 Billlion.

I have extracted Oregon data from the CY 2011 national GSE Public Use MS Access database and have posted that (much smaller) 27 MB Excel workbook to Google Docs HERE (it's possible that you may need a free Google account to download but I don't think so).

The Excel workbook includes an enhanced version of the MS Access data that includes several fields I created that show names for otherwise coded data, including county and metro names, names for borrower and co borrower race and ethnicity, and a income grouping name (less than 80% MFI, etc.),  [For the codes used for other fields look at the CY 2011 data dictionary is HERE].

Also included in the workbook are:
  1. A statewide comparison of loan counts and $$ for CY 2011 vs  CY 2010.  
  2. County level loan counts and $$ for CY 2011 AND CY 2010.
  3. A pivot table.
  4. A summary of CY 2011 loans by county and by agency.
  5. Select code values with a link to the CY 2011 data GSE census tract data dictionary.
  1. Total Oregon GSE loans in CY 2011 were 70,656; Total loan $$ were $13.8 billion.
  2. CY 2011 vs CY 2010: The GSE reduction in loan counts was 16% overall, but only 2% for home purchase loans; Fannie Mae's reduction was only 10%, and Fannie Mae Home Purchase loans grew by 5%.   
  3. My prior post HERE summarizes data showing an even LARGER 32% drop in the count of Oregon FHA loans for CY 2011 to 13,659, with a loan volume of $2.7 billion.  
  4. So, combined CY 2011 GSE and FHA loan volume in Oregon was 84,315 and $16,492,372,532 vs.104,288 and $21,350,843,920 in CY 2011. (That's a 19% reduction in the number of loans and a 23% reduction in loan $$).                 
Gift Card Contest: 
ITunes gift card, and shout out, to the first person who uses the pivot table to find and send me the correct answer to the question:
 "In CY 2011, out of the total of 70,656 loans they acquired in Oregon, how many total Oregon loans did the GSE's purchase that had been made to first time home buyers with either a Hispanic borrower OR coborrower?

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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