Wednesday, January 16, 2013

4 Oregon PHA's and 10 Washington PHA's Join Suit Against HUD on Recapture of Reserves.

Recent Public Housing Authorities Directors Association/PHADA Advocate (members newsletter) says: 
On January 3, 2013, a Complaint was filed in the United States Court of Federal Claims by PHADA, NAHRO, state associations from Kentucky and New York, and 348 PHAs challenging the method used by HUD to allocate operating subsidies for 2012 as a breach of the contracts between the PHAs and the United States. In order to justify a 2012 budget request for operating subsidies that was approximately $1 billion, or 20 percent, below the full formula amount, the Administration requested permission from Congress to allocate operating subsidies unevenly, from zero to 100 percent of formula eligibility, depending on the level of operating reserves maintained by each PHA. Congress modified the request by reducing the amount of operating reserves used to offset the operating subsidy to no more than $750 million, which resulted in a range of subsidy allocations between zero and 95 percent of formula eligibility. 
(Pacific Northwest NAHRO newsletter item HERE prior to filing has similar explanation).

Court filing, providing specifics was provided by PHADA to me upon request and is HERE.

Oregon and Washington PHA's who joined suit to date are:
Oregon PHA's:

  1. Coos-Curry Housing Authority
  2. Housing And Community Services  Agency Of Lane County
  3. Housing Authority And Urban  Renewal Agency Of Polk County
  4. North Bend City Housing  Authority

Washington PHA's:
  1. Everett Housing Authority
  2. Housing Authority Of  Kittitas County
  3. Housing Authority Of  The City Of Anacortes
  4. Housing Authority Of  The City Of Bellingham
  5. Housing Authority Of  The City Of Yakima
  6. Housing Authority Of  Whatcom County
  7. Housing Authority Of Sunnyside
  8. Housing Authority Of The City  Of Pasco And Franklin County
  9. Peninsula Housing Authority
  10. Pierce County Housing Authority

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