Wednesday, March 6, 2013

HUD Staff Furlough Plan: 1 Day Each 2 Week Pay Period May-August.

HUD's AFGE union has posted some furlough related materials including a notice from HUD HERE and guidance sent to HUD employees HERE

From the guidance document: 
HUD must also reduce its salaries and expenses by $66.6 million. This will mean up to seven (7) furlough days for virtually all HUD employees between May through August 2013.
On furlough days, employees do not report to work and do not receive pay. We will require the same number of furlough days for all HUD employees and try not to schedule more than one day per pay period. HUD will do a number of things to help offset the number of furlough days. First, we will put into effect a department-wide freeze on outside hiring. Additionally, we will cut as much discretionary spending as we can from non-personnel areas without causing irreparable harm to our mission. You will feel immediate impacts in the areas of travel and training

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