Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Updated : HUD MF Reorg: MY WAG--Loss of 850 MF Jobs In Offices Being Discontinued ?

Update: By Field Office, table pasted below showing 853 staff with HM Codes in non HUB/Satellite offices: Note that nearly 10%/84 jobs in one state/Ohio.

I downloaded a listing of 9,200 HUD staff by field office from the HUD locator. Extracting all existing staff with a HM correspondence code (which I think is the proper MF coding) I come up with a count of 440 MF staff currently in the 5 new hubs and the 5 new satellites.

HUD's PR says that MF staff are now located in 50 offices, but I count  51 additional offices with staff with HM codes, for a total of 61 total offices with staff with HM codes. This may be because some MF staff are outstationed in offices that are not formal program centers or hubs (or HM code may be capturing employees who are not MF staff)

Table pasted below shows my counts of HM codes:

IF my quickie analysis/WAG is correct as many as 853 current MF employees could lose their jobs in their current locations with some of those then moving to the 5 HUB's and 5 satellite offices.  If both Seattle and Portland lose their current MF jobs my estimate is that will mean a loss of 41 jobs.

Keep in mind this will occur over at least two different fiscal years and will be subject to Congressional scrutiny. It is also possible that my use of the HM correspondence code significantly overstates the current number of MF staff AND the number of offices since my total count of MF offices is 61 compared to the 50 in HUD's PR.

HUD can help clarify/correct this by providing a total count of HUD MF staff by field office, whether outstationed or not and the projected total count of staff in each of the 5 HUBS and 5 satellite offices. (I'm happy to acknowledge that my WAG may be off, but will need to see actual counts before I can do so).

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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