Thursday, May 2, 2013

PDX Metro Cities and ALL Oregon Places: Housing/Transportation Affordability BETA Data.

The day after my recent post HERE, the links to the Beta Housing Transportation affordability portal mysteriously no longer worked. Good NEWS is that as of 6 AM Thursday they NOW appear to be working again.

I hope the portal links remain available for this long delayed project.

Before links when dead I had downloaded Oregon data the night before for Oregon places, counties, and 1,400+ block groups.  

Each level of geography has values for 11 different metrics for 12 specific housing types.  For example there is a combined housing/ transportation share of income cost metric for a Low Income , 50% of HUD MFI household, a similar metric for a Retiree, 80% of Median Income for the Region household, etc., etc..

To make it easier to follow the different housing types, I added a row with column headers that I created that combines the housing type, the income level, and the metric for each of the 11 different household types. (I retained the coded values from the HUD data at the top of the worksheet). Column headers/metrics for each housing type include the number of household members, the number of workers, the number of autos, etc.  (A link to data dictionary from portal is HERE).

I have posted an Excel workbook with Oregon BETA data for Portland Metro cities and ALL Oregon places HERE and also embedded it below. 

The initially visible worksheet is a graph showing by Portland Metro cities, the share of income spent for housing/transportation by a 3 person family at 50% of HUD MFI; tabs at bottom will get you to other two worksheets. 

I would confirm this data with the data you can, as of Thursday AM, now download from the portal. 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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