Thursday, July 11, 2013

Stuff I Didn't Know: Home Forward Kids Represent 7% of ALL Multnomah County Kids in Kindergarten.

Have updated the the Home Forward Board packet in right pane under Home Forward YTD Board Packages.  (Be patient, file is now 600 pages+, so will take a while to download).

On PDF page 26 for the July 17th Board meeting XO Steve Rudman report says that Home Forward kids are 7% of all  Multnomah county kids in kindergarten. (you can add that to the long list of stuff I did NOT know).

A kindergarden round up report beginning on PDF page 31 provides more details about what Home Forward is doing to work with families with children. ( Similar demographic data should be available for LIHTC properties, but don't get me started..).

Highly recommended reading. 

Anyone else see a need to connect Oregon families and children in HUD assisted and LIHTC properties to Oregon's "Prosperity Initiative"?

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