Wednesday, November 20, 2013

HUD Voucher Households in Oregon: Female Heads of Households Represent 90% of African American and 81% of Hispanic Voucher Families.

I previously did a post HERE with Oregon 2009 data on female heads of household participation in HUD rental assistance programs. HUD has now released new state level 2012 PUMS data HERE

I did a new breakout HERE and in PDF file below showing how female head of household percentages vary by HUD rental assistance program and race and ethnicity in Oregon in 2012.   

The graph in the PDF focuses in on the HUD voucher program and shows that in 2012 in Oregon:  
  1. For Whites, female heads of households represented 72% of all white voucher households. 
  2. For African Americans, female heads of households represented 90% of all African American voucher households.
  3. For Hispanics, female heads of households represented 81% of all Hispanic voucher households.
The second page of the PDF includes a table that shows female and male heads of households by program, race, and ethnicity. 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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