Monday, April 28, 2014

Cost of Living: Compare Oregon and Portland Rent to Other States and Metro Areas

As part of their first official release of real income data last week BEA also released cost of living data for all states and metro areas. 

That data also included a further breakout of cost of living expenditure classes including "rental" real price parity data for those same areas. I believe that "rental" in this context includes both rent of primary residence (rent) AND owners' equivalent rent of primary residence (rental equivalence); I have sent an email to BEA asking for confirmation. 

I constructed the attached Excel workbook HERE (and embedded it below); it has two worksheets that allow users to 
1. Insert any rent value for Oregon (or Portland metro area) and then 
2. Select from a list up to 5 states (or metro areas) and then see what the comparable rent would have been in those other areas (in 2012). 

I also included other worksheets in the workbook, including links to the source Rent RPP data that I used. 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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