Thursday, July 31, 2014

Update: Brookings Concentrated Poverty Site Has Interactive Feature to Allow Drill Down to Specific Metros and Sub Areas.

Update: I managed to MacGyver together a PDF summary  HERE for the Portland metro area with three sections: The entire PDX metro area, City of Portland, and PDX suburbs.(Ranking showing on maps is on different dimension than I highlighted below).

Brookings has a piece on concentrated poverty HERE that includes an interactive section that allows selection of individual metro areas and sub areas (cities and suburbs).  

Site design could use some work--I don't see an ability to link or print profiles for individual areas or to see comparative rankings so I can't provide a direct link to Portland specific data, but scroll down in the Brookings site and you will be able to find it.  

I downloaded Excel data and on one dimension this is what I calculate for Portland for the 
"2000 to 2008-2012 Change in Share of Poor Residing in Tracts with Poverty Rates 20% or Higher" . 

  • City of Portland Change, 26% increase, ranked 9th worst in the country out of central cities for 100 metro areas. 
  • Suburbs of Portland Change, 24% increase, ranked 15th worst in the country out of suburbs in 100 metro areas.
  • Metro Portland Change, 24% increase, ranked 10th worst in the country out of 100 metro areas.
Note: Readers may recall a recent post HERE in which I included an Excel workbook with poverty data for ALL geographies in Oregon, as well as state level and US level poverty data.

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