Friday, August 15, 2014

Compare FY 2015 Proposed and FY 2014 Final FMR's for ALL Area and Bedroom Size Combinations Across the US.

I have prepared a new Excel workbook HERE, and embedded below, which includes a Pivot table that allows you to select a state(s) and/or area(s) and see instantly the % and $$ change and FY 2015 proposed and FY 2014 Final FMR's for 2 bedroom FMR's. (Default view is of Oregon counties, but select "State Alpha" in row 1 to see data for state(s) of interest).

To my knowledge this is first time such a pivot table has been posted for public use.

Note: If state or area selection is difficult in browser, just download the file. 

The source worksheet for the pivot table default view includes filters so if you want to see which areas got biggest increases/decreases or which have highest or lowest FMR's it's easy to do so using a filter or combination of filters.  Comparisons for ALL bedroom sizes are also included in this worksheet. (This means if your comfortable with pivot tables you could change the pivot table worksheet to show differences for other bedroom sizes than the default 2 br FMR comparison that now appears). 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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