Thursday, August 14, 2014

HUD Proposed FY 2015 FMR's Out: Portland Gets a $22 /2.4% Month Boost for 2 BR FMR to $944.

HUD's Fair Market Rent web page is HERE

The public inspection version of the proposed FY 2015 FMR's, which includes tables for each state is out today. I posted it to my OneDrive HERE. (The Oregon table is on PDF page 62). 

Formal publication is planned for Friday in the Federal Register at which time the HUD Fair Market rent page above will be updated.  After a 30 day comment period final FMR's will be published and be effective Oct 1, 2014 and will impact more than 30,000 HUD housing vouchers in use in Oregon.

My Excel workbook with a comparison of FY 2014 Final and FY 2015 Proposed FMR rents is HERE and embedded below (Default view is of FY 2014-2015 % change--you will have to scroll to the right to see data for 2015 and 2014): 

Some Rural Counties Get Big Boost, Some Counties Would See Decreases.
The Portland metro area $22 proposed monthly increase to $944 is 2.4%, Two largely rural counties, would get huge increases: Douglas 18.5% and Sherman 15.4%. Several counties would see decreases from FY 2014 levels, including Lane at -.6%.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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