Thursday, August 21, 2014

Portland Tribune Story on Change in Number of African American Home Owners and Change in AA Home Ownership Rates.

Story is HERE, I was one of sources. (PDF of entire issue is HERE). 

Story notes that the African American Alliance of Homeownership (AAAH) has a festival event in Lents Park on Saturday and Portland Housing Center has upcoming home ownership classes. 

Related material and prior posts: 
Excel with African American and White Non Hispanic Oregon ACS County and City Data 2010-2012. Includes a selectable pull down table and a separate graph that shows for state of Oregon and select counties and cities the % change and numerical change for African American and White Non Hispanic home ownership rates and home owners. Graph helps to illustrate shifts in location of African American home owners, with AA home ownership rates increasing in some suburban locations while declining in Portland. 

Example: The ACS estimate is that the City of Portland African American home ownership rate decline was 7.2% vs 3.2% for non hispanic white only households from 2010-2012. The African American home ownership rate in 2012 in the City of Portland is estimated at 29.5% vs 56.1% for non white only non hispanic households. 
The number of City of Portland African American home owners was estimated to have declined by 426 vs a decline of 2,942 white only non hispanic homeowners.

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Post, Changes in home owner total counts (no minority data), Oregon counties and cities. (This post has ACS estimate that shows that Beaverton home ownership rate was below 50% in both 2010 and 2012).

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Post, Includes Oregon Congressional District African American home ownership rates and loans. 

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