Monday, September 22, 2014

2013 HMDA Data is Out: FHA Market Share Down to 24% of Purchases, 10% of Refis.

FFEIC page with links to on line data is HERE; PR is HERE.
Downloadable data can be found on page HERE

FHA Market Share Down
From the PR:
In 2013, the FHA-insured share of first-lien home purchase loans for 1-4 family, site-built owner-occupied properties was 24 percent, down from 31 percent in 2012, and down from its peak of 42 percent in 2009.
In contrast, the VA-guaranteed share of such loans held steady between 2012 and 2013 at around nine percent. Including Rural Housing Service loans, the overall government-backed share of such loans was 38 percent in 2013, down from 45 percent in 2012 and 54 percent in 2009.
FHA-insured and VA-guaranteed loans tend to play a less important role in the refinance market compared to the home purchase market. In 2013, conventional loans accounted for 84 percent of all first-lien refinance mortgages for 1-4 family, site-built owner-occupied properties while FHA- and VA-guaranteed loans accounted for about 10 percent and 6 percent, respectively—similar to 2012.
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