Friday, September 19, 2014

Oregon Hardest Hit Non Profit 2013 Form 990 Added; Hardest Hit Revenue Hit 61% of $220M Allocated.

OHCS staff were kind enough to send me the latest IRS form 990 for 2013 for the Oregon Affordable Housing Assistance Corporation, the non profit in charge of the $220 Million in Hardest Hit TARP funds.

To my knowledge the 2013 990 for OAHAC is not available anywhere else.

My prior post with 990's for 2010-2012 is HERE. I have updated the PDF of the 990's to include the 2013 990 HERE.

Adding the $40 million in 2013 revenue, total revenue through June 2013 was $133.5 million, or 61% of the allocated $220 million, leaving $86.4 million in potential additional Hardest Hit revenue.  

OHCS received $4.6 million in revenue from OAHAC in 2013, bringing total OHCS revenue from the Hardest Hit program to $14.1 million in the four years.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.  

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