Tuesday, September 23, 2014

240K Oregon 2013 HMDA Loan Records With Application Disposition Info.

For anyone who has struggled in the past extracting HMDA records, the new CFPB database is a godsend. 

Yesterday I posted an Excel file with loan level detail for 128k Oregon HMDA 2013 loan originations. Today the Excel file I created HERE, with similar layout showing ethnicity of borrowers in rows, contains 240,614 records for all Oregon HMDA 2013 loan applications. 

In the Pivot table worksheet I added columns to the format from yesterday to show the disposition status of each application. (The query that produced the CSV download for those records is HERE).

Note the file still does not contain information on the lender associated with each loan. 

Important Note on Loans Made
For those looking for totals for loans made, appears to me that "Loans Originated" and "Loans Purchased by Institution" should be added together

So in addition to the 974 African American loans shown as "Originated" [that I mentioned in yesterdays post] there were also 187 loans to African American borrowers whose loans were "Purchased by the Institution".   [If anyone has a different take on this, drop me a note at housepdx@gmail.com]. 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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