Tuesday, September 30, 2014

CY 2013 GSE Public Use Database Just Released With Info to Census Tract Level: Oregon $19+ Billion, Nearly 95,000 Loans.

FHFA waited to the last day of the September, but a zip file of the GSE CY 2013 census tract level database (that unzips to MS Access format) is HERE; the data dictionary is HERE.  

The overall FHFA web page for GSE public use databases is HERE, prior year combined GSE files in MS Access format are found HERE. Before downloading note that these are large files; a PC with a faster processor and large memory is recommended.

Readers can find my prior year posts on this GSE database by using the search dialogue box at top left of the blog using search term "GSE data"; that search produces THIS result, including links to posts with Oregon specific data. (In CY 2012 the GSE's purchased $17+ billion in loans in Oregon, for 84,000+ homeowners/buyers).  

2013 Quick Peek: 
Oregon GSE Loans $19.164 billion, 94,691 loans.  8,177 First Time Home Buyers.
It will take me several days to create a useable Excel file of Oregon GSE 2013 loans, but appears to me that Oregon 2013 GSE lending volume easily exceeded 2012 totals.

My prior post HERE explains how my suggestion and follow up by Senator Merkley Senior Advisor Will White led to FHFA publication of the CY 2010 data in MS Access format for the first time.

Two features of the GSE database are unique vs. HMDA data. 
  1. The database has a field that shows whether the purchaser was a first time home buyer. 
  2. The database covers ALL areas, not just metropolitan areas. 
Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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